Believe it or not, the turntables of microwaves make a massive difference in our daily lives. When even a slight problem arises with the turntable, it hampers our everyday routine and makes working in the kitchen a nightmare.

This, however, makes most of us wonder, why do microwaves have turntables? What is the purpose of this turntable? To make all of those thoughts vanish, all you need to do is read this article. 

Why Do Microwaves Have Turntables

Why Do Microwaves Have Turntables?

Microwaves have turntables to cook and heat the food evenly. Microwave ovens that come with turntables have rotating motors inside. The turntable is put on top of the engine so the food can be placed on the turntable and be cooked evenly without touching the stirring blades of the motor.

The rotating motor and the spinning blades help delegate the microwaves heat generated by the microwave oven to food items, so they can be evenly cooked without putting the food directly on top of the rotating motor.

Are Turntables Necessary in A Microwave Oven?

Not all microwave ovens require turntables. A microwave oven that comes without a turntable is called a flatbed oven. Flatbed ovens contain a motor that spins and delegates the heat effectively and equally, so your food heats up and Cooks evenly in no time. Flatbed microwave ovens don’t require a turntable.

Are Microwaves Without Turntables Better?

Microwave ovens that come without a turntable don’t have much space inside them, which means there’s less space for the food to move around and make a mess. A microwave without a turntable doesn’t need to be cleaned as often. However, the oven is a lot more challenging to clean because of the lack of a turntable.

Advantages Of a Microwave with A Turntable 

There are many advantages of having a microwave oven with a turntable. A few of these advantages are listed below:

  1. Cost-efficient: Microwave ovens that Come with turntables are cost-friendly. It doesn’t cost much; however, it does the job correctly.
  2. Even cooking and heating: Microwave Ovens that come with turntables heat and cook your food evenly without any problems.

Disadvantages Of a Microwave with A Turntable 

Like every other appliance, microwave ovens with a turntable have their disadvantages. These disadvantages are given below:

  1. Capacity: microwave ovens with turntables don’t have enough space inside them. So, any big dish can’t fit inside the microwave. Placing a container that can’t work correctly inside the microwave oven can make the turntable fall out of place, which will ultimately cause a mess.
  2. Cleaning: cleaning a microwave oven that comes with a turntable is a hassle because the parts need to be removed and cleaned.

Advantages Of Flatbed Microwave Ovens

Flatbed ovens are known as commercial ovens. There are many advantages of a flatbed microwave oven. These advantages are stated below: 

  1. Capacity: The space inside a flatbed microwave oven is a lot more spacious than an oven with a turntable. It also comes with a larger cooking volume and a lot more flexibility. The flexibility is highly beneficial when there’s ever a need to fit an enormous container, multiple dishes, or a container that comes in an awkward shape. Even after all of these advantages, there’s still another significant advantage: You can purchase the microwave in a size that’s suitable for you and your needs.
  2. Cleaning: one of the most significant advantages of using a flatbed microwave oven is cleaning. You can easily clean the flatbed microwave oven without any hassle. 
  3. Durability: the flatbed microwave doesn’t have many loose parts, so it’s a lot more durable. 
  4. Evenly cooked: the flatbed microwave oven Cooks food evenly and correctly without any issues.

Disadvantages Of a Flatbed Microwave Ove

The price of A flatbed microwave oven is a lot higher than the price of a regular microwave oven, which can be a problem for most people. It is higher in price because the technology is vastly advanced and new in the market. However, the price doesn’t concern most people because the conveniences of this technology are worth every penny.


Does having a turntable increase the price of the Microwave?

Having a microwave does not increase the price of the microwave.

Is A microwave with a turntable expensive?

a microwave with a turntable is not too expensive.


So, it’s clear that microwave turntables are very important and the reasons why microwaves have turntables were explained as well. Along with this information, we also added a list of the best microwaves with turntables just to make it easier for you in case you want to purchase a microwave.

Hopefully, all your queries have been answered and you found out everything related to microwave turntables as well as microwaves. 

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