If you’re like most people, you probably don’t think about the amp fuse in your microwave very often. But if you’re having problems with your microwave, it may be time to check the fuse and make sure it’s the right size. 

In this blog post, I’ll explain what amp fuse you need for a microwave, and how to change it if necessary. I will also discuss how to choose the right fuse.  Keep reading to learn more!

There is a surprise at the end.      

What Amp Fuse Do I Need For A Microwave

What Amp Fuse Do I Need For A Microwave?      

You need a 15 or 20 amp fuse for a microwave. This amp fuse is necessary to keep the power supply smooth.

A fuse is essential to protect the microwave from the excessive supply of power. It is said that a 13 amp fuse is efficient for washing machines, microwaves, dishwashers, etc. But we got to know that a 15 or 20 amp fuse is safe and workable for a microwave. So, it would be best if you installed the correct fuse for your microwave.            

Can I Replace A Fuse With A Higher Amp or A Lower Amp?  

No, you can not replace a fuse with a higher or lower amp. Many of us think of getting a fuse with a higher or a lower amp. But it is not safe to do so. Using a 20 amp fuse in a 30 amp circuit may cause the fuse to blow before time. Again, you can not replace the fuse blown with a higher amp as it can be fatal to the microwave. It can cause a fire in wires. 

To ensure safety, we should replace the fuse blown with the same amp fuse as the original one.    

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How To Know If My Microwave Fuse Is Blown?  

Microwaves stop working when the fuse is blown. We already knew that a fuse is blown to cut the supply of power when heavy current flows through it. Again, we need to replace the fuse with a new one to operate the microwave. For this reason, we need to know if the microwave fuse is blown. Here are some steps to follow checking the fuse – 

1. Unplug the microwave and wait for 10 to 15 minutes to let it cool. It is necessary to do as the microwave contains a high voltage current.          

2. Discharging the capacitor is highly recommended by experts. Microwaves can still carry some voltage that would be dangerous. So, discharge the capacitor carefully.              

3. When a glass fuse is blown, there will be brown burn marks. You will find the filament melted. It is easy to find. 

4. To test a ceramic fuse if it is blown, you need an ohmmeter tester. In this tester, it indicates zero ohms when the fuse is alright. If there are infinite ohms or the needle does not move, it means the fuse is blown.        


Never try this process if you have zero knowledge of fuse. Call an expert technician to check the fuse. Under an expert’s supervision, you can try doing it.     

Reasons Behind A Blown Fuse of Microwave 

Most frequently, homeowners face a blown fuse of a microwave. It is a common problem with the fuse. A fuse blown means something is wrong with the microwave components. There are many other reasons behind a blown fuse of a microwave. These are detailed below – 

1. As we know High Voltage Capacitor keeps the extra amount of electricity and releases the proper amount for microwaves. But when the capacitor has a problem or loses its efficiency, the fuse will blow due to an overflow of electricity.    

2. A Power Surge carries so much power that it can harm all electronic appliances. A fuse blows immediately during the heavy power supply of a power surge. 

3. When the cooling fan has defects or stops working, it causes overheating issues. As a result, a fuse can not handle overheating.     

4. Installing A Wrong Fuse can cause fires in the wires and damage the microwave. 

5. Again, mistakes in installing the fuse leaves room for a short circuit. A fuse blows quickly if there is a short circuit. 

6. If a microwave’s body parts have any issue, it will help the fuse to blow. These issues are short in the controller, fault in the door, defective power cord, etc.                      

How to Choose The Right Fuse For Microwaves?  

While buying a new fuse, certain things need to be considered. It is important to find the right fuse for a microwave to ensure its safety. You can follow the mentioned below things to choose the proper fuse – 

1. Amp Rating 

As we know, amp rating is important when choosing a fuse for a microwave. This rating is to know how much power the fuse can contain. Choose a 15 or 20 amp fuse for a microwave. Again, you should choose the same amp fuse as the original one.        

2. Voltage Rating 

It indicates how much voltage supply the fuse can sustain. A fuse with 125V to 250V is suitable for a microwave. Choose a fuse considering this voltage rating.     

3. Size 

It is better to get a fuse with a longer and wider size. Again, you can look for the exact size that your microwave needs.    

4. Tube Material 

You may find both the glass tube and ceramic tube. Choose the ceramic tube as it provides better thermal protection and protects the microwave from heavy current flow.       

5. Fuse Type           

Never choose the fast-blow fuse. You should choose a slow-blow fuse. This fuse is better for preventing power surges and protecting the microwave.    

How To Replace A Fuse For A Microwave? 

When you find that the fuse is blown, the next step is to replace it with a new one. Some say it is hard to replace the fuse. To tell you, it is not that difficult if you stay cautious about the voltage. 

First, you need to take out the blown fuse as it doesn’t work anymore. Then replace the new fuse. Remember to choose the proper amp fuse as same as the fuse blown. Check if the fuse is set altogether on the clip. 

Now, reassemble the microwave and connect it to the power. Turn on the microwave to see if the controlled display shows up. The fuse is replaced correctly if you can see the controlled display.           

If you want to replace the fuse with an expert technician’s help, it will cost on average $50 to $100. It may reach $150 in some cases.     

Watch this video about “Replacing Microwave Fuse”.


If you are not an expert or don’t know how to repair appliances, you should not try to replace the fuse. Microwaves have a high voltage of 2000 volts that can cause death.    

Now the surprise part.     

Top 3 Fuse For Microwaves

The discussion mentioned above can help us detect the problem and choose the best fuse for a microwave. On account of that, we are here with the top 3 fuses for microwaves. The top 3 fuses are mentioned below –         

1. YOLISTIC Ceramic Fuse   


Features – 

• Material – Ceramic 

• Amp Rating – 20 amp

• Voltage Rating – 250 V

• Fuse Type – Slow-blow (time delay)

• Size – 6×30 mm

I love using the microwave, and it is my all-time favourite. But recently my microwave was facing a problem with the fuse. As the fuse kept blowing, I researched and found the reasons. So, I had to change the fuse.   

I ordered a YOLISTIC Ceramic Fuse and got a package of 10 pieces of the fuse. After installing the fuse, there were no blowing signs. The ceramic body makes it safe to use. This fuse relieved me quickly. The price is also budget-friendly. 

I highly recommend this fuse.            

What We Like –

Works well to protect a microwave   

Lasts longer than other fuses 

Reasonable price   

What We Don’t Like –    

Some may find the length smaller 

2. Frienda Microwave Tube Fuse   


Features – 

• Material – Ceramic

• Amp Rating – 20 amp

• Voltage Rating – 250 V

• Fuse Type – Slow acting (time delay) 

• Size – 6.35×30 mm

A short circuit blew the fuse of my microwave. I noticed it the next day when the microwave was not working. Then one of my neighbours suggested getting a Frienda Microwave Tube Fuse. This fuse is awesome to use, and its protection quality is far better than other fuses. Again, it won’t spread glass fragments if the fuse burns out. Also, the price is get-at-able with a package of 10 pieces fuse. 

I recommend this fuse.          

What We Like – 

Surge resistant   

No glass fragments if the fuse burns out  

Affordable price  

What We Don’t Like –     

May blew quickly due to the wrong installation   

3. BlueCatELE Microwave Cartridge Fuse  


Features – 

• Material – Ceramic

• Amp Rating – 20 amp

• Voltage Rating – 250 V 

• Fuse Type – Slow-blow

• Size – 6×30 mm

A power surge blew the fuse of my microwave. I remember the day was stormy and lightning. So, I found out the cause and changed the fuse. This time I purchased BlueCatELE Microwave Cartridge Fuse. This fuse worked well, and my microwave seems to work like before.   

It carries 5 pieces of fuse in a package, and I found the price higher for this quantity.     

What We Like – 

Compatible and universal replacement   

Warranty – 1 year 

What We Don’t Like –     

Price is a bit higher for this quantity   

The fuses mentioned above are the most favourite of many homeowners. Even we found these effective and safe to use. Get off these whenever you are searching for a new fuse, and rest assured.         

Comparison Table 

YOLISTIC Ceramic Fuse Frienda Microwave Tube FuseBlueCatELE Microwave Cartridge Fuse   
Amp Rating 20 amp 20 amp 20 amp
Voltage Rating250 V250 V250 V
Fuse Type Slow-blow(time delay)Slow acting (time delay) Slow-blow
Size6×30 mm6.35×30 mm6×30 mm
Quantity  10 Pieces 10 Pieces 5 Pieces 


How many fuses does a microwave contain?

A microwave usually contains two types of fuses: line fuse (also known as ceramic tubes) and thermal cutoff fuse.

What happens if I use the wrong amp fuse?

The fuse will not work properly as it is the wrong one. Again, it won’t protect the microwave when there is a sudden power surge or unstable power flow.

What is a must to check while choosing a fuse?

One must check the amp and match it with the fuse blown while choosing a fuse.

Can I replace a ceramic fuse with a glass fuse?

No, it is impossible to replace a ceramic fuse with a glass fuse. But you can use a ceramic fuse to replace a glass fuse.

Is fuse replacement expensive?

No, fuse replacement is not expensive. It costs $50 to $100 (including fuse price) to replace a fuse.


Microwaves help us in many ways when it comes to cooking. End of the day, we can not deny the facilities we get from a microwave. The right fuse is essential for a microwave like a microwave is significant for us.

As we discussed everything, we no longer need to worry anymore about the query, “What amp fuse do I need for a microwave?” As we got the answer, using the appropriate fuse for a microwave can help you secure safety.

One can follow the methods mentioned above to find the right fuse. But one should not try to replace the fuse if he does not know how to do it. Calling an expert will be the best option.                      

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