We get in a dilemma when buying a new microwave for ourselves. Many homeowners often ask us, “Is an inverter microwave worth it?” It is fair to query about a product to avoid mistakes. We can relate to you.           

Therefore, today we will discuss the raised question and present much-related information to help you. Stay connected with us till the end to get rid of the dilemma.                    

Is An Inverter Microwave Worth It

Is An Inverter Microwave Worth It?   

An inverter microwave is worth it as it provides faster cooking and better defrosting. It uses noticeably less energy to run. Due to its inverter technology, it cooks in less time than traditional ones. The taste of the food also remains the same. 

This technology provides overheating control, which helps cook the food with proper energy. Many other reasons make the inverter microwave unique from different microwaves. No matter what you want to cook, like defrosting, baking, roasting, reheating, etc. you will get a better cooking experience.     

What Is The Specialty of An Inverter Microwave? 

We know that every microwave comes with a speciality that makes it exceptional. An inverter microwave also has a speciality. It comes with an inverter technology that offers cooking food at the controlled temperature you want and doesn’t have the weakness of burning foods. 

It means better temperature control and cooking food more evenly in less time. Thus, everyone praises its power supply method, which is essential for cooking food. Again, with this microwave, one will forget the fear of flavourless foods as it keeps the same flavour and texture.             

Why Is Inverter Technology Important?  

An inverter microwave has the inverter technology, regarded as digital and updated technology for microwaves. Many of us have already faced the problem of setting power to a regular microwave. No matter how much power we set, the food cooks at the power set by the microwave. 

For example, when we set 40% or 50% power, the microwave calculates the power scale through its cycle of 100%. This is done due to the magnetron of the microwave. This is quite a great problem. 

Fortunately, inverter technology in a microwave helps us be rescued from this issue. It runs at the same power we set. For example, if we set 40%, the microwave will run at 40% till the food is cooked. This technology has the control of supplying power to the magnetron. Thus, we can enjoy a secured method of cooking food in an inverter microwave.                

How Is An Inverter Microwave Different From Regular Microwaves? 

We get this question most frequently as both microwaves have magnetrons to generate microwaves for cooking food. People ask us to clarify the differences between these two most commonly used microwaves. One may think that both of them are quite similar. 

Therefore we will present the differences between an inverter microwave and a regular microwave that will lead you to choose. 

So, let’s not delay to look at these dissimilarities –           

1. Power Supply  

A regular microwave uses a transformer for the power supply, and the supply is not stable during the cooking time. It keeps rising up and down. Also, the microwave doesn’t have reliable power control. 

In an inverter microwave, power is supplied through the inverter to keep a steady supply. Thus, one can choose the required power and control it.                

2. Energy Efficiency   

Energy efficiency is vital for a microwave for many reasons. A regular microwave requires a noticeable amount of energy to run as its power supply is not steady. Therefore, its energy efficiency is not worth mentioning. It can raise the electricity bill. 

On the contrary, an inverter microwave will save power as it has the developed power supply control. One can save energy with money using an inverter microwave.                      

3. Technology  

The most effective difference between them is consistent technology and digitising their features. An inverter microwave has built-in inverter technology, providing many benefits like power supply control, better temperature, etc. 

One will not get these in a regular microwave.            

4. Weight

We can relate to the fact that a regular microwave is much heavier to carry. We can not easily move it or clean its surrounding areas. 

Fortunately, an inverter microwave is not so heavy and much lighter. One can carry, move and clean it effortlessly.       

5. Nutrients   

All of us know that a regular microwave can lessen the nutrients in food due to heating issues. As a result, we get food with fewer nutrients, which is not good for our health. 

Food is cooked at the same temperature in an inverter microwave and does not face any heating issues. This is why we can enjoy nutritious foods cooked in an inverter microwave.            

6. Cooking Time  

We already have the experience of cooking in a regular microwave. It takes a bit more time to cook or reheat as the temperature goes up and down. 

Luckily, in an inverter microwave, we can experience faster cooking like a pro. It offers us less time to cook with no issues of burning the food.           

7. Defrost Food 

One can not reliably defrost food in a regular microwave due to its unstable energy flow. Defrosting does not come in good condition from a regular microwave. 

An inverter microwave can solve the problem with calm and improved energy flow.              

8. Flavour and Taste

We face the problem of overheating or overcooked food in a regular microwave as it keeps turning on and off. So, the taste and flavour of food may not stay similar. It depends on the heating of the microwave. 

Fortunately, one can be sure about the flavour and taste of food in an inverter microwave. As the power stays the same, it keeps the taste preserved.              

9. Price

People consider a regular microwave affordable. The price depends on the quality, materials, technology, special features, etc. 

Thus, an inverter microwave is a bit more expensive than a regular microwave as it uses updated technology, high-quality materials, etc. We know that we need to pay more if we want the best one.                    

Advantages of An Inverter Microwave  

Advantages play a significant role in choosing a microwave and knowing if the microwave is worth it. In the case of an inverter microwave, we will show you some effective and noticeable benefits that will help you to get your answer. 

The advantages of an inverter microwave are described below –            

• Better Temperature Control  

Using an inverter microwave will help you cook food at your particular temperature. It won’t keep turning on and off like others, which takes a lot of time to cook. In an inverter microwave, you can enjoy the controlled temperature of your food.            

• Power Supply  

If a microwave keeps the power supply steady, the food will cook properly and more evenly. In an inverter microwave, the power supply remains stable for the whole cooking time, and it helps the food be cooked from both inside and outside.           

• Cooks Faster 

One can cook faster in an inverter microwave with its efficient inverter technology. It offers us the feature of setting the proper temperature for particular food and cooking it on time. Hence, it is well-known for being less time-consuming.          

• Energy Efficiency  

Compared to other consistent microwaves, you will get improved energy efficiency in an inverter microwave. Due to its power controlling method, the food cooks on time, saving energy. Moreover, the microwave requires less energy to run, leading to lower electricity bills. Thus, an inverter microwave saves both our time and money.                    

• Food Quality 

While cooking in an inverter microwave, we get the chance of setting our favoured temperature. Thus, it prevents the food from burning or overheating. As the food cooks fully, one can enjoy better food quality with the same flavour and texture.          

• Light Weight 

An inverter microwave is 2 to 3 kilograms lighter than other consistent microwaves of the same size. Due to its lightweight quality, one can move it easily. Thus, one can clean it or around it without any hustle of carrying a heavy microwave.               

Disadvantages of An Inverter Microwave   

Disadvantages are also a part of a thing. An inverter microwave is not different from that. Knowing the defects before buying is always helpful to see whether the microwave is convenient for you. Here you will find its drawbacks, which will help you make your choice.     

Therefore, let’s take a look at them – 

Expensive Cost 

A disadvantage of an inverter microwave is its expensive cost. One may first assume that the cost is not worth it. But experts say the price is fair enough as the microwave comes with up-to-date technologies like inverter technology. 

If you compare the price with other microwaves, you will get your answer. An inverter microwave offers much better cooking functions than others. This is why the price is a bit higher than the consistent microwaves. Moreover, after using it, you will find it worth the money.               


We are amazed by the extraordinary features and benefits of an inverter microwave. This one is truly a significant helping hand in our daily life. None of us can ignore the efficient qualities that make it worthy. Its inverter technology is worth mentioning. The way it offers temperature control is a better setting for cooking food evenly.    

After a long discussion, we answered, “Is an inverter microwave worth it?”  Finally, we can agree that an inverter microwave is worth it and provides many advantages. We can assume that you are pretty sure about your choice. No doubt, you will get many benefits if you get this one. You will have a step ahead cooking experience. Also, it will help you to save both time and money. 

So, why not an inverter microwave?    

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