While buying a new microwave, you will find various watts. As we know, watts have a significant role in cooking; you need to choose the right one for you. A higher watts microwave cooks more quickly and completely. For that reason, many homeowners often ask us, “Is 1000 watts good for a microwave?” 

We are here to help you with that. We will discuss and find out the answer. Again, here is some more watts-related information that you will find useful. So, let’s not delay and learn together.               

Is 1000 Watts Good For A Microwave

Is 1000 Watts Good For A Microwave? 

1000 watts is good for a microwave. This range of wattage will help in cooking faster and perfectly. Higher watts mean the faster it will cook. 

1000 watts is considered an efficient range that takes less time. If you are not satisfied with 600 to 800 watts microwaves, you can switch to the 1000 watts range. It will give you some specific settings along with the benefits. So, you can use the settings for cooking the food according to its need.                     

Is 1000 Watts Enough For A Microwave?  

Yes, 1000 watts is enough for a microwave. Though a wider range of watt microwaves is available in the market, a 1000 watt microwave is regarded as a faster cooking one.          

You can choose a 1000 watt microwave to cook chicken well, boil rice, water or milk, make popcorn or dessert, reheat foods or so on. No doubt you will get these done within the shortest time. As it takes less time to prepare foods, we think 1000 watts is enough for a microwave. 

Again, you can use the specific settings for each food. By using settings, you won’t get burned or overcooked food. These settings help in cooking the foods accurately.   

How Big Is A 1100 Watt Microwave?  

An 1100 watt microwave usually has a minimum space of 1 cubic feet. The maximum space it has is 1.6 cubic feet. So, we can assume how big the 1100 watt microwave is. Now we understand why people choose it as their first choice. This microwave is suitable for a family of 4 to 6 members. Its bigger space is the key feature. 

Again, it comes with some particular and special features like sensor cooking technology and so on. These features make it more convenient and useful.          

How Hot Is A 1100 Watt Microwave?  

An 1100 watt microwave has a temperature of 625 degrees. So, one can imagine an 1100 watt is super hot. 

This temperature is perfect for cooking food quickly and flawlessly. You can enjoy well-cooked food. You can try any food at this temperature. Are you already guessing how hot an 1100 watt microwave is?   

You can have your perfectly cooked chicken within less time. It will need 350 degrees or above to cook thoroughly. Again, one can put the water in an 1100 watt microwave to boil faster. It will need 210 to 215 degrees. This microwave is significantly hot enough to save our time and provide us with excellent food.            

How Long To Boil Water In 1100 Watt Microwaves? 

It takes 1 minute 15 to 30 seconds to boil water in 1100 watt microwaves. As we know, more wattage means the faster a microwave works. So, it is normal for an 1100 watt microwave to boil water faster than the lower wattage ones. Such as, a 1000 watt microwave takes 2 minutes to boil water. 

Along with saving our valuable time, the microwave kills bacteria in the water. Thus, we can enjoy bacteria-free water. But this only happens if the temperature is proper. So, you can find this information in the manual. 


Never boil water for more than 3 minutes in the microwave. Experts say this water is not safe to drink.  

What Size Breaker For A 1100 Watt Microwave? 

An 1100 watt microwave needs a 20 amp breaker to operate safely. As a microwave requires more power to work, it needs a suitable breaker. The right size of breaker depends on how much power a microwave needs. So, it is important to think of this before choosing any breaker.      

Many suggest you get a 15 amp breaker for your 1100 watt microwave. But a 15 amp breaker is not reliable for 1100 watts as it can not maintain the power supply smoothly. We find using a 20 amp breaker helpful even for a low-wattage microwave. Therefore, using the proper size breaker is safe for a microwave.               

How Many Amps Does A 1100 Watt Microwave Use?  

An 1100 watt microwave uses 15 to 20 amps. It normally needs up to 15 amps to keep the electricity supply smooth. We know that a microwave needs 9 to 13 amps on average. So, an 1100 watt microwave needs more amps due to its wattage range. Watts plays a role in choosing the suitable amps.   

To stay more cautious, one can put the microwave on a 20 amps circuit. But if your microwave’s wattage is above 1100, you can not use 20 amps. It needs at least 25 amps to get a proper power supply.   

What Is The Difference Between 900 and 1100 Watt Microwaves?    

Many of us get confused between these two microwaves. 900-watt microwaves are pretty popular among students or small families. In comparison, an 1100 watt microwave is loved by families of 6 or more members.           

So, we are presenting some key differences between them to help you – 

1. Range of Watts 

We can see the range of watts of these two microwaves. There is a difference of only 200 watts. Some may think this number is small. But this number creates all the variety. Higher wattage means faster service. An 1100 watt microwave provides faster and perfect cooking than a 900-watt microwave. But there are a few other things that will impact your decision.            

2. Size 

The size of the microwave also varies according to watts size. A 900 watt is smaller in size than an 1100 watt microwave. The size is 0.9 cubic feet which can provide service to small families. Again, an 1100 watt microwave’s size is 1.6 cubic feet.   

3. Number of People Served   

A 900-watt microwave can serve 4 to 6 people on average. It is enough for small families. On the other hand, an 1100 watt microwave is appropriate for 6 or more people. A big family can use it without any worries.             

4. Price 

A 900-watt microwave’s price starts from $80. In contrast, an 1100 watt microwave’s price is $120 at starting. All know that a microwave’s price rises with higher wattage.   

5. Cooking Time 

A 900-watt microwave takes 4 minutes to cook and 1 minute 55 seconds to boil water. On the other hand, an 1100 watt microwave takes 3 minutes to cook and 1 minute 15 to 30 seconds to boil water. 

What Is The Difference Between 1000 and 1100 Watt Microwaves?    

Some differences make 1000 and 1100 watt microwaves unique from each other. Both of these microwaves are efficient in operating. These are already popular for providing faster cooking and saving energy. 

Let’s take a look at the differences between 1000 and 1100 watt microwaves – 

1000 Watt Microwave  1100 Watt Microwave  
Range of Watt10001100
Size0.9 to 1.4 Cubic Feet1 to 1.6 Cubic Feet
Number of People Served 4 to 6 Up to 6 
PriceUp to $100Up to $120
Cooking Time  3 Minutes 30 Seconds to cook  1 Minute 45 seconds to boil Water3 Minutes to cook1 Minute 30 seconds to boil water   

At the end of these three microwaves comparisons, we agree that there are quite differences. But according to the price, the differences are not so big. Among 900 and 1000 watt microwaves, these two are pretty similar in features. You can get the same service in a 900-watt microwave for less price. 

But one can choose an 1100 watt microwave if he has a big family or wants faster cooking. So, you can make your choice considering your requirements and budget.                


As we said earlier, we can talk about a microwave’s bundle of advantages, but it will take a long time to stop. So, we can agree on the vital need for a suitable microwave according to our requirements. For that reason, we need to select the proper watt and size microwave.  

As we discussed everything, we got the answer,  “Is 1000 watts good for a microwave?” A 1000 watt microwave is pretty good as it provides fast service and delicious foods in time. Thus, one can also choose an 1100 watt microwave if he wants better. As there are many options, one needs to choose the convenient one.    

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