We can easily cook or heat our raw and cold foods by using a microwave oven. Different types of microwave ovens contain several features like, some are with a turntable and some are of flatbed types, etc. Usually, one will buy or buy a microwave according to need or choice. Many microwave users have a common question,  Do Microwaves need to turn? 

These types of questions or queries demand a clear-cut answer with proper reasoning to clear the reasonable doubt. So, to learn about it, let’s have a good read.

Do Microwaves Need To Turn

Do Microwaves need to turn?

Generally, microwave ovens do not need to turn or do not need a turntable. Many microwave ovens contain a turntable or microwaves that can turn are much available in the markets. The turning capacity of a microwave is based on the companies how they would like to make it.  

A Microwave oven can also be used without this turning system. There are various microwaves such as the Flatbed Microwaves which are without the turntable and heat the food quite perfectly. There is a rotating motor that helps to turn around the food item and assists the heating process. Also, this motor is used as a great alternative to a turntable. That means a microwave can be turned or not, it is not a big deal to turn, nor is it needed to turn for a microwave oven.

But, the main point is using a microwave that does turn or that does not turn is of course the choice and preference of a user. One can choose any of them according to their need and demand as well.

Why Do Microwaves Turn?

A turntable in a microwave is designed to turn over the food all around inside of the oven and make the food warm from all sides. Because the microwave oven heats the foods by releasing microwaves, that reflects off the metal surfaces and absorbs the heat. The turntable helps the food to catch all of the heat and warm or cook food properly. Or else there might be a cold spot remaining after bringing out the food from a microwave.

Another factor is the microwaves released in the oven interfere with reflections of themselves inside the box, so you get standing waves, creating hot spots and cool spots in the volumes inside the oven. So, the food must rotate to mitigate the odd radiation problems. Otherwise, one side of the food item will be remaining cold or undercooked and the other part can get overcooked.

In the microwave oven, all of the electronic wave’s releases are not even equal most of the time. For that, the food may not heat properly and we have to heat the cold part of the food again. But now most of the microwaves have functioned with a rotatable motor that’s why at present time the microwave does not need to turn. 

If accidentally the motor gets ruined, your microwave may need a turntable or, you can solve the problem by using the metal fan blades that rotate and cause the hot spots to move around the volume. In short, microwaves need a turntable to turn, depending on the circumstances and needs.

Is Not Using a Turntable Harmful?

A microwave is a great useful kitchen appliance with a turntable that rotates the food to cook well and occur the heating process efficiently. But due to any type of technical errors if your turntable did not work or having a microwave without a turntable will not do any harm to your food or your microwave oven.

It is quite beneficial to rotate your food from every possible angle to cook it completely. That’s why it is highly encouraged to use a turntable but if it does not turn there will be no harm because you can cook again the other part of the food which will remain undercooked or remain cold. If your microwave has a rotating motor or another spinning system then it is not needed to have a turntable.

Old models of the microwave oven did not contain any type of turntable or did not have any turning system but these could make the heating process happen without doing any harm. Modern microwaves contain a turning system to make the work easier, it is not very crucial to turn a microwave but beneficial. Thus, one can warm up or cook their food without any trouble without turning a microwave oven.

What Should Be Our Preference? 

Since we know that there are choices of microwaves with a turntable and without turning, what type should we prefer?

Well, it is better to make a wise choice of the appliances that you want to buy. Indeed, a microwave oven need not be turned but still, we can use the modern type of microwave oven to get the maximum benefit which has been already explained. It will be a wise choice to use the new model or latest version of microwaves to cook and warm our food within a short or in a minimum time.

In that case, we can use flatbed microwaves that are without turntables. The flatbed microwaves are good enough to heat up the food without turning it on the rotate motor. However, there are also some factors such as our choice, which need to be noted to choose the microwaves according to our preference.


  • Do read the manual of the microwaves to see if it is turn-able or not.
  • Make sure that the turntables will work out or not.
  • Clear every doubt and do take suggestions from the technician or an expert one.
  • Do not do any hassle to buy a microwave or any electronic appliances.


Whether a microwave needs to turn or not has been known already in the article. But the matter of concern is mainly, what type of microwave we actually need and which can give a better outcome.

Since using a microwave without a turntable is safe or does not bring much trouble, one can use it. But using a microwave with the turning capability with a strong rotate system can make things much easier. So, before buying a microwave oven do check the manufacturer and make a smart choice.

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