If the power goes out, you may be wondering, Can You Run A Microwave With A Generator?

Are you one of those housewives who always have their microwave running? Maybe you use it to heat up your coffee in the morning or to cook dinner at night. Whatever the case, you probably don’t want to be without it.

But what happens if there’s a power outage and your generator can’t handle the load? Can you run a microwave with a generator? Let’s find out with many others questions.

Can You Run A Microwave With A Generator

Can You Run A Microwave With A Generator?

You can run a microwave with a generator. Well, all generators are not suitable for this task. 

Again, many customers complain that they can run the microwave on the house, but it is not working when connected to a generator. 

The microwave probably doesn’t get along well with the distorted power waveform that self-excited generators typically put out. One quick check is to put a resistive load such as an electric heater on the generator and see if that helps.

Load the generator to at least half capacity with a heater, then try the microwave. Typical consumer-type generators make better quality power when heavily loaded. If the microwave works, you know it’s a power quality problem.

Unfortunately, I can’t offer a cheap solution to the generator power quality issues other than trying a different microwave or generator.

There are other solutions, such as a power conditioner, but one big enough to run a microwave would probably cost more than a new generator.

To run any electrical appliances, you must remember some points to run them safely and successfully at the same time. It would be easier for you to check out the introductory videos on how to run any home appliances with a generator. The generator’s power is one of the essential issues for running any machine. Now you can find out whether your microwave can run with a generator or not.

How To Run A Microwave With A Generator

When you want to use your electrical appliance with a power outage like a generator, I would like to recommend going for a gas-powered generator to run various home appliances like microwaves.

If you want to get the performance of your microwave at the topnotch, you must ensure the common properties of the generator like the size, power etc.

Running a microwave with a generator is one of the safe options for using electrical appliances as there is barely a chance of damaging the microwave or the generator. Let’s cut into the cheese to know how to run a microwave with a generator.

The Minimum Wattage

At first, skim over the UL listing label on the microwave body, most probably tagged on the opposite side of the microwave body. In general, we look for the watt to find out the power of the microwave. However, for your kind information, the cooking wattage is not the same when it comes to operating. So, to find the correct size of the generator, you need to know the amperage and voltage requirement to run the microwave, and you will find it on the UL label.

To find the required wattage, you need to multiply the number of amperes by the number of voltages. Suppose the UL Label says that the minimum amperage is 13.4 amp and 120 volts. So, in total, you need 1608 watts to run this particular microwave.

Note: In the UL Label, a watt will be mentioned near the calculated one. You don’t need to be confused with that. The mentioned watt is for cooking purposes, and your estimated product is the minimum watt necessary to run the microwave. 

TIPS: Always choose a generator with a more excellent range than the calculated wattage needed for your microwave. 

Electrical Connection and Placement

It would be great to place the generator far away from the structure. Try to keep at least 10 feet in distance between the generator and the system. Many people like to put the generator under a canopy or sometimes under the awning. This is an unsafe practice, and he stays away from doing it. Allow the generator to warm up for at least 2 to 3 minutes from starting to get a good performance. 

Now it’s time for the plugin. This is the easiest step. All you need to do is find the male end of an extension cord, which is probably 12-14 gauge and plug it into the generator outlet. Now you have to plug in the male end of the microwave power cord into the female end of the extension cord. 

Hooo! We are all done. Now you can operate it as you wish, like before when it was not running with a generator. As the connection is alright, everything is precisely similar to before. 

Tips: Unplug both the microwave and the generator from the extension cord to avoid accidents and safety purposes.  

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Can an Inverter Generator Run a Microwave?

Yes, microwaves can be run by an inverter generator. There are various inverters depending on the power of wattage like 1000w, 1500w, 2000w, 3000w. Small size microwave can smoothly run by a 500w to 600w inverter generator. The consumption process is not similar for every microwave; As different companies and brands manufacture the products, the work process is also different from one brand to another. 

Now, if you have a microwave that requires 600 watts for function processing, it would help if you went for a safe choice in this regard. Do not buy something which is fixed and obvious. Instead, choose an inverter of 800 watts to 1200 watts so that the different consumption processes would not be a barrier to running Microsoft with an inverter generator. 

Issues We Commonly Face To Run a Microwave with a Generator

Those who use microwaves are familiar with some common problems they face daily. These are not very vital, but still, they are dealing with it every day. I think one should know both sides before buying a product. That is why I included these pieces of information to describe the frequent problems of the microwave with a generator. Either you have to ignore these minor problems and transform the electrical connection with a generator, or you should not go for a microwave run with a generator. Let’s talk about the issue here. 

Mismatched Wattage

Microwaves are manufactured keeping the home electricity in mind. So, when running on a generator, the most common issue that may arise is the mismatch of power. You will need a higher wattage generator than your microwave. I will discuss this in the latter part of this article. Generator wattage is a sensitive issue. Higher power of generator wattage can burn the whole process. Again, if the generator’s power is below the standard one, It won’t work. 

Energy Cost

High consumption of energy by microwaves is another issue. Generators run by burning fuels. In general, the powers are petrol, diesel, propane generator. When microwaves consume a high amount of energy, the fuels do not last long. As a result, using a microwave is costly with a generator.

Connection Complexity

The connection process of a microwave with a generator is complex. A variety of cables are used to complete the connection between the microwave and generator. Mostly the generators need a minimum set-up for connectivity and proper outlet. Make sure you buy something worth buying. Your investment may go in vain if you miss the crosscheck part. So learn before you spend money on it. Although new model generators come with proper outlets again, rechecking is always appreciated.  


You can run a microwave with a generator efficiently. It’s not a big issue—all you need to require is to know the minimum necessary wattage for your microwave to run. Choose a reliable brand that can assure the minimum energy consumption by the microwave. I tried to cover all the issues and processes in detail on running a Microsoft with generators.

I also discussed the common problems faced by the users to decide more precisely. Hopefully, this article was helpful and able to answer your valuable question. I must include in the end that safety measures should be the priority. Please connect with the help of a professional one, although you can do it on your own. But sometimes, it is better to go for a safe option avoiding the risk of accidents. It would help if you thought about the safety of your near ones too. 



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